First fixing

I haven't updated the blog for a while... things have been progressing though. The sprinkler first fix is done, and the electrical well on the way. WIth the electrician in particular, it's a challenge to make sure people don't just put their pipes/cables wherever there's an available route now, without considering the other elements of the design (especially the insulation!).

Starting sprinkler installation

Today was the start of the sprinkler installation. The sprinkler guys apparently start at 7:30am(!), and finish at lunchtime on a Friday. By the time we'd gone through all the pipe routes etc on-site, they didn't get that far in to the job on the first day. But so far, so good.

Meanwhile, the main contractors have been working on the roof, which is coming along nicely. The have asked if their brickie can work on the chimney on Saturday, so I shall have to let the neighbours on the side where the chimney stack is know about that.

Roof finial

At the front of the gable there was originally a ridge finial - still to be seen on neighbouring properties. Some Googling lead me to this website, where believe it or not this guy specialises in making reproduction finials - amazing what you can find online! This one is a close match to the one our house would have originally had...

A day of dealing with various things

Set up a basic site office in one of the bedrooms - desk, chair, whiteboard, drawings on wall.

Had another meeting with the sprinkler company...

The rainwater harvesting system arrived...

I called Velux technical support to try to understand their somehow rather incomprehensible code numbers...

This evening I had the future occupants of the house come round and discussed various things with them...

Design approach: fire safety

To explain the thinking behind specifying a fire sprinkler system in the design. Sprinkler systems are common in commercial/industrial premises, and in other countries they are used in residential too - but not (yet) here in the UK. They're actually very simple - a tank with pump constantly "primed", and heads that open at high heat. False discharges are almost non-existent, and only the head(s) in the room where the fire is will open - not, as is commonly thought, the whole system. There's no complex electronic control or detection required.

Starting off the project - and sprinkler system

It would have been a good idea to have started this blog right at the very beginning of this project. But, since that didn't happen, getting the funding through to be able to start the building work in earnest seemed like a good milestone at which to pick up instead.

I had a meeting on-site with the main contractor today. They want to get the scaffold up, and start work on the roof and repointing the front wall (with possible brickwork cleaning).

The other meeting I had today was with someone from the sprinkler company. Now I totally agree that installing sprinklers seems like a bizarre place to start with an eco-house! I'll write a separate article explaining the thinking - but first the meeting...

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