Progress with internal wall insulating

The Spacetherming of the front elevation is now complete. Here's how it looks in the upstairs bay, which is now ready for plastering:

Generally speaking, the installation of the Spacetherm by the builders was both slow and error-prone, requiring intervention from myself and Andrew to achieve an acceptable result. As just one example, take the situation where the Spacetherm was intended to slide between the joist and the inner face of the wall, but in practice wouldn't quite fit: the builders' response was to just stop the Spacetherm at the joist:

After being inspected and given more specific instructions, this was amended to sliding a piece of 25mm PIR down behind the joist where the Spacetherm wouldn't go, and taping the PIR and Spacetherm together, above and below:

Today Chris from Back to Earth was on-site giving a tutuorial on installing the UdiReco insulation system. As I wasn't present for most of this, I shall save writing about it until the UdiReco is actually being installed.

Still struggling to get pricing on the Viessmann boiler!