This week's progress

Progress has been a bit slow this week. The builders have been doing general making good and plasterboarding work, in preparation for the plasterers coming in and putting the skim coat on the remaining rooms.

I've been down in Exeter this week doing some non-eco-house-related work, so have picked up a van-load of UdiReco insulation from Back to Earth to bring back up to Manchester with me. However due to a fault developing on the van I've ended up stranded in Exeter this weekend, so the builders won't get the UdiReco delivery until a week on Monday now.

Speaking of deliveries: United Utilities have now opened the stretch of road in front of our house, but because they've moved their road-closure compound further down the road, and everywhere is choc-a-bloc with parked cars, we still can't get any HGVs up to the house for major deliveries of eg skips, EWI, scaffolding, etc.