Insulation again

Today I went to the house because I'd agreed to meet the electrician on-site, to go through a few issues regarding cable routes etc.

Whilst I was there, I noticed that the builders had completed the insulation in the front attic room, ready for beginning the taping on Monday morning (the back rooms still need another layer)...

More insulating

Today has been all about insulation. The builders have been making good progress with the PIR in the attic - more on that below. I've just ordered another £180 worth of air-tightness tapes and sealants from Green Building Store, which should arrive tomorrow, ready to start taping on Monday. And I've also been costing out the VIPs (that's vacuum insulated panels) for the internal walls in the ground and first floor rooms, at the front. VIP is the only thing that can get us the required U-value in minimum thickness...

First fixing

I haven't updated the blog for a while... things have been progressing though. The sprinkler first fix is done, and the electrical well on the way. WIth the electrician in particular, it's a challenge to make sure people don't just put their pipes/cables wherever there's an available route now, without considering the other elements of the design (especially the insulation!).

Weekend activity

Got back from Wales and decided to have a quick check on the house. The work on the chimney has been completed as expected, and looks good.

But for some reason the builders decided to start on the electrical first fix, in the attic - which I wasn't aware would be happening. Some of the cable routes chosen compromise the fitting of the roof insulation. I was a bit cross about this so I called the main guy and told him so; no doubt we will have a conversation about this tomorrow.

Velux smoke vent system

Today we took delivery of the Velux windows (and additional slates, to replace broken ones).

There are two electronically-operated opening windows to be installed at the top of the stairwell, these will be connected via a Velux-supplied control unit to the fire alarm - and also switches to enable the people in the house to open and close the windows (pretty much like electric windows in a car).

What I didn't realise until it arrived was how big and heavy the control unit is: looks like it's built to withstand World War Three!

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